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Isotope Eleven

Those problems that keep you up at night are no problem for the developers at Isotope Eleven. Building great software is what they do. By following their 5 step process they will solve your problems using the right technology for the job.


Fully Forged (UK)

Are you a UK based company, or developer, and need Elixir training? Is Phoenix or OTP giving you trouble? Want help integrating your client-side architecture. Fully Forged is the resource for you. They offer training for both beginners to advanced developers and everyone in between.



Looking for a new home for your elixir projects? Why not make the move to the fastest growing cloud infrastructure provider, DigitalOcean. They recently introduced a pre-configured, one click image for Elixir. You can be up and running in less than a minute or take the time to build the precise infrastructure your application needs. DigitalOcean is the best place to get your next Elixir project running quickly and the easiest to scale when you find success. Elixir Fountain listeners get a special bonus, it's a $10 credit when you use the promo code ELIXIR. Check out DigitalOcean today!



Are you looking for a consultancy to help build your next product in Elixir? DockYard might be just what you need! They’re specializing in Ember Client apps with Phoenix backends. With 4 yrs of building extraordinary user experiences, DockYard can help your ideas become a reality.


With so many resources to learn Elixir sometimes it can be hard to decide where to start! Why not take your Elixir in sips? No really, ElixirSips has over 23 hrs of awesome screencasts covering a wide range of Elixir topics and concepts in easily digestible doses. But it doesn’t stop there, each week 2 more episodes are added so you’re sure to stay on top of your Elixir Learning. Sign up today and start sipping away!


Cobenian is not just a premier Elixir and iPhone consulting company. They are also the experts behind the Elixir Mastery course. It's an intensive three day class focused exclusively on teaching you the skills to master the language. Enrollment for the third class is now open for this spring in Washington, D.C. To register or learn more, visit the Elixir Mastery site.